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As web application development evolves, old development methods will not address the needs of the modern business. In the near future, those who keep up with changing development trends will have an advantage over those who don’t. These days, enterprise web application development is:

  • ► Rapidly evolving: Web application development is going through major changes. Tactics are evolving. Tools and libraries crop up on a regular basis. New standards have emerged that will dramatically improve web application capabilities.
  • ► Becoming more powerful: With these changes come new capabilities. Tasks that were never possible with web apps just a few short years ago are now commonplace. Web application capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few years.
  • ► Playing a greater role in the business world: As the business world becomes increasingly web-based, your business applications play a growing role in your success. The research firm, Forrester, sums it up nicely with this quote: “The software you deploy, and especially the custom software you create, will increasingly be part of your competitive edge.”

As application development plays an increased role in business, companies that keep up with modern development trends will have an advantage. Companies that don’t will fall behind.


Web Application trends are:

  1. Businesses get back to the security basics
  2. Http/2 drives an increased focus on application speed
  3. Self-service development becomes commonplace
  4. Progressive web apps gain ground
  5. The demand for new application types creates a skills shortage