RPA & Process Automation Consulting

Robotic Process Automation as a Service

This service is a fully managed all-in-one automation solution covers from design to monitor the process. This engagement model eliminates the need to procure bot licenses and infrastructure required to execute the bots.

  • Document AS-IS Process
  • Design & Development of Bots, workflows, and forms for process automation
  • Bot license (We will use the appropriate underlying technology)
  • Infrastructure
  • Production Deployment of the Bots
  • RPA support
  • Test & Deploy bots to production
  • Monitor the bots as per the timings mentioned in Table 1
  • Configuration data changes
  • Password updates
  • Errors in executing the Bots
  • Determining the “root cause” of a recurring issue or incident & recommendations
  • Infrastructure/application related issues

Robotic Process Automation Support

We will provide critical support including ongoing maintenance, enhancement, and analytics of RPA bots developed by customer and their underlying infrastructure.

  • Support Customer’s existing bots
  • Enhancement to existing bot
  • Monitor BOT execution.
  • Daily / weekly reporting
  • Ticket creation and follow up with Customer IT team
  • Monitor infrastructure and raise issues